Property Values are Directly Related to the Quality of Public Schools

Schools are a Great Investment.

Good schools are an excellent investment and are directly related to property values.  Areas with failing schools inevitably see sharp declines in property values. In Scotts Valley, nobody debates that our schools are a benefit to our Community, and there is value in making sure our Schools stay successful.  Ask any real estate agent, as the premier public schools in the County, many new families move to Scotts Valley specifically for our schools.  

Investing in a school parcel tax will help protect your home's value and your community.  It is one of the cheapest and best investments you can make as a homeowner.  100% of the funds will stay right here in Scotts Valley, and there will be an independent citizen's oversight committee to insure funds are spent as promised. 


Scotts Valley Home Values are Directly Related to the Success of our Schools.

Good schools benefit everyone and are a stabilizing factor in any community.  Children in good schools find themselves involved in positive community and school related activities focused on their own betterment, and are less likely to fall into criminal behavior.  Further, a good education leads to greater opportunity for children as they grow, leading to more successful adults. Scotts Valley has seen the benefit of good schools in the form of lower crime rates, and 96% of the students graduating and 95% going on to college.