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SOS SV is a Community Group made up of Scotts Valley business leaders, community leaders, parents, and educators seeking to bring the Community together to help Scotts Valley Unified School District maintain quality education.  Scotts Valley Schools consistently rank among the top in the State, and boast a 96% graduation rate, with over 95% of those graduates going on to higher education. However, the State has dealt our schools bad hand, leaving Scotts Valley as the 9th lowest funded District out of 344 unified districts in the State. The result will be losses of our great teachers, programs and staff that directly impact our children.  SOS SV believes that we can work together as a community by backing a temporary parcel tax measure that will protect the quality of our schools.

This temporary parcel tax will protect our children’s education by:

    • Maintaining core science, technology, engineering, math & art programs in all grades;

    • Maintaining reading and writing skills in all grades;

    • Keeping up with technology now and in the future;

    • Retaining highly qualified teachers.

The duration and amount will be set by the School Board and placed on the November ballot, but the tax will likely last 5 years or less and will be under $150 per year.  Once approved, 100% of the money will stay with Scotts Valley Schools and cannot be taken away by the State.

This parcel tax will NOT be used for administration salaries or buildings.

Exemption: Senior Citizens and/or those receiving SSI Disability benefits may exempt themselves from the parcel tax.

Oversight:There will be an independent citizens oversight committee, which will ensure funds are spent as promised.


Working together to keep Scotts Valley Schools among the best in the State!

Working together to keep Scotts Valley Schools among the best in the State!